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Fitness Class vs. Small Group Training

By: Brandi LeBlanc, CPT

Many women LOVE fitness classes. I have worked in several gyms that offer these types of classes. In fact, I used to teach some of them. In my years of working in other main-stream gyms, I noticed a pattern… a pattern of the same women taking the same classes every day for YEARS and never seeing their body change AT ALL. No changes even in the instructors themselves who have taught these same classes for years.

Are you a member of one of these “fitness classes”? I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions.

First what is a fitness class? Well, if you have taken a Zumba, Spin, Body Pump, etc. then you have taken a fitness class. The size of the class can be upwards to 20-40 people or more, they are usually pre-designed and copy-righted programs. They are taught by a group instructor who generally is required to be certified in that particular program in order to teach it at your gym or boutique studio. They may or may NOT have obtained a group training certification, and certainly NOT a Personal Training Certification. Spin, Barre, Indoor Rowing, Zumba, Body Pump, Kickboxing to name a few are found in gyms and boutique fitness studios. This type of exercise is primarily cardiovascular with light weights depending upon the format.

In a large group setting the instructor is there to set tempo and to motivate, but they are also responsible for form and safety no matter what they are teaching. However, in a large group environment, their attention is not laser focused on the group if they are taking the class with you and that leaves students with minimal supervision and questionable form. It is impossible for them to address individual needs for 20-40 plus students. They may be entertaining with strobe lights, music and mantras but most students will stop seeing progress pretty quickly and they become repetitive and boring after awhile.

Second question: have you noticed a change in your body? If so, how many years of taking those classes did it take you to get where you are? And… are you where you SHOULD be after taking classes for so long? If not, why are you still there? Doing the same thing over and over with no results is just plain insanity and a waste of your time and money. Another question… have you noticed any changes in the body of your INSTRUCTOR? If that answer is no, then you should definitely re-think taking a class from them.

My Small Group Training (for both men and women) offers the right mix between one-on-one training and group fitness class. It is budget friendly (especially based on the amount of knowledge, guidance and personal training you receive), and my groups are between 2-10 people MAX. My groups are generally circuit style training to improve strength and conditioning and they are designed and taught specifically by ME, a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER who specializes in training in these small group settings. I demonstrate the exercises in the program and then watch each student for form and alignment while motivating them to push past their comfort zone. I can also modify the exercise to either decrease or increase the intensity, depending on the fitness level of the student. My Small Group Training is still fun and engaging but focused on progress of improving strength and overall conditioning.

And did I mention that I also give you NUTRITION guidance as well? You won’t get that from your group exercise instructor. Hence another reason you see no changes in their own bodies… just sayin…

Are you already a member of something like this? Maybe a “boot camp” of some sort? Let me tell you this… Not all Small Group Training is the same. Is your facility independently owned or is it a franchise? The answer may determine the type of workout you receive. Some franchises will have headquarters design the program for the day or week and their certified personal trainer will only implement what they are given. This sometimes allows for less experienced trainers to teach or it can restrict their ability to modify or change an exercise based on the students fitness level or limitations. They may not have the experience or knowledge to design or implement effective workouts or help set S.M.A.R.T goals (small, measurable, attainable, realistic, time sensitive goals).

Barbelle Beauty Fitness is an independently and locally owned fitness studio. I am educated, experienced, knowledgeable, passionate about training and I have experience with program design to quickly change an exercise to meet a client’s physical limitations and to deliver unique workouts that do not become stale and boring, and meet your goals QUICKLY. My FEMME FIT and BEAST MODE Small Group Training Programs are limited to 2-10 people and incorporates resistance training with the right mix of cardiovascular training so YOU, the client, will see faster results.

Why do you think these ladies and gents keep enrolling every six weeks? BECAUSE THEY ARE RECEIVING RESULTS. My programs are specifically designed, focus on building lean muscle and strength on top of decreasing body fat. I will always demonstrate the exercises, emphasizing proper form and alignment and then will provide corrective ques during your workout if/when needed. You will never become bored, because the exercises change daily.

My programs are unique programs that are designed and are incredibly efficient resistance training and high intensity interval cardio training, which allows your metabolism to work well beyond bootcamps and classes as you boost overall health and continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours.

Now, ask yourself this: Is this the level of unique, personal training you are receiving where you currently are? If your answer is no, then I have one more question for you… what are you waiting for? Let me help you reach your goals and see results faster than you ever imagined.

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